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Patients may schedule an appointment by calling (928) 239-50-77 or by emailing drjahmejia@gmail.com. The contact form in this website is another helpful method to contact the clinic. The response will be as promptly as possible. It is preferably for patients to schedule an appointment but, the patient may arrive at the clinic and an appointment may be given.


Dr. Hernández clinic does not confirm the appointments, in most cases the general dentist receptionist would be the one contacting you.

Cancellation and Rescheduling
You are required to kindly give us a notice of minimum two working days by contacting our clinic if you would like to cancel or reschedule your previously made appointment.

Financial Policies

Payment Method: For your convenience and Dr. Hernández, we accept personal check and cash. We DO NOT accept Credit cards or Debit cards.

Insurance: We do not accept health insurance. However, we may assist our patients in providing the necessary information for their insurance claim forms, to facilitate the reimbursement.

A deposit is only necessary for appointments which require more than one visit. If the procedure is performed in one visit then, the full amount charged is required to be paid. Please note that any deposit or payment is non-refundable unless Dr. Hernández says otherwise.

Dr.Hernández Mejía

Avenue B and 4th St. #300
Plaza Ameyalli Los Algodones, B. C.

About Dr. Hernández Mejía
Dr. Jose Armando Hernandez-Mejia is widely recognized on national and international levels as an expert in topics of non-surgical micro endodontics and non-surgery techniques.
He has being lecturing in Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and USA.
He has also has the pleasure of being the main speaker at the World Endodontic Congress in Athens, Greece inaddition to having served as President of the Mexican Endodontic Association.
His facility is designed exclusively for Endodontics. His staff is highly trained by himself and tutorials in Mexico as well as in the United States.
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Copyright 2023 by Internauta. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 by Internauta. All rights reserved.

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