Dr. Armando Hernández Mejía
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30 years of experience as an Endodontis
Dr. Hdez. Mejia has a specialize clinic in endodontics procedures.

We Serve With
Courtesy & Kind Attention

Our staff is composed of highly skilled and passionate professionals.
We are committed to providing you with the best service and expertise.

Clinical Procedures

Root Canal Therapy
We provide you a precise diagnosis.
Latest Technology
We utilize state of the art technology in our dental consultations

Dr. José Armando Hernández-Mejía with his 30 years of experience as an Endodontist has enhanced his profesional ability to provide the finest services.


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    Committed To


    Surgical root canal treatment

    Occasionally, a nonsurgical root canal procedure alone cannot save your tooth and …


    Non-surgical root canal treatment

    It is a very viable alternative to tooth removal. This treatment can save your…


    Enhanced microscopic examination

    Endodontists have frequently boasted that they can do…


    State of The Art Equipment

    30 years of experience has enhanced his profesional ability to provide the finest services.

    Dr. Hernández Mejía
    Professional Services

    Dr. José Armando Hernández-Mejía is widely recognized on national and international levels as an expert in topics of non-surgical micro endodontics and non-surgery techniques.


    David Cordero Vázquez

    David is a highly qualified assistant that has worked with Dr. Hernandez for more than 13 years. He is also trained in Cone Beam Computerized Tomography.

    Yesenia Hurtado Rodríguez

    Yesenia is the receptionist, she is 100% bilingual. Yesenia is the one that from the moment you make your first entrance she will greet you with professionalism and will make you visit more pleasing.

    Isabel Cordero Vázquez

    Isabel has been a part of Dr. Hernandez Clinic for more than 24 years. She is the personal assistant of Dr. Hernandez.

    Dra. Emma Verónica Curiel León

    Dr. Curiel graduated in 2006 as an Endodontist from the University of Baja California. She is well prepared and educated in Micro-Endodontics and micro surgical techniques.


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      About Dr. Hernández Mejía
      Dr. Jose Armando Hernandez-Mejia is widely recognized on national and international levels as an expert in topics of non-surgical micro endodontics and non-surgery techniques.
      He has being lecturing in Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and USA.
      He has also has the pleasure of being the main speaker at the World Endodontic Congress in Athens, Greece inaddition to having served as President of the Mexican Endodontic Association.
      His facility is designed exclusively for Endodontics. His staff is highly trained by himself and tutorials in Mexico as well as in the United States.
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      Copyright 2023 by Internauta. All rights reserved.

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